Flavors & Seasonings

Gold Medal offers flavorful seasonings for everything from popcorn to burgers, appetizers to desserts! With savory and sweet flavors, in addition to color-only options, you’ll find the secret ingredient behind your next unforgettable recipe.

Signature Blends® are blends or candy glazes consisting of sweet flavorings, coloring-only, and flavoring-only products. These are most often added during a cooking/baking process. Used for sweet popcorn, they can be also flavor waffles, funnel cakes, drinks, fudge, cakes, pastries, donuts, and even more.

Signature Shakes® are shake-on seasonings that are typically applied after the cooking/baking process. An ideal popcorn seasoning, these flavors are also made to shake on burgers, fries, salads, wings, steaks, pastas, seafood, dips, appetizers, and much more.

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